Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is an insect-pathogenic fungus that infects the ant through spores that penetrate their exoskeleton and slowly affect their behavior. This process is often called zombifying by non-scientists. Advancement of infection makes the ant leave its nest, relocate to the more humid place, suitable for the fungus, get attached to a leaf, and wait for its death. During this period fungus feeds on the ant’s innards after the insects's death grows from its head and launches spores to infect more ants. This natural phenomenon became the inspiration for GOD ERA. The costume is a kind of replica of the uncontrolled consumerism. The story of the insect-pathogenic fungus also reminds us Sci-Fi movie scenario. That is why Solomon Razmadze transformed it into 3D animation and presented the interpretation of the story in a new medium. In the CGI animation, the costume is worn by Solomon’s digital identity, - SOLOMON APHRODITUS.

The story of the protagonist and the infected ant metaphorically depicts the advertisements, using people to grow and reproduce their capital. Consumer corporations take into account social-class stereotypes and setting new rules to play with people. Lots of resources spent on the game lead to an ecological collapse.

Original project Concept: Costume Story & Design - GOD ERA
3D Production Initiation Concept Interpretation, Visual Development Art, CGI Animation, Sound Effects & Technical Aspects - Solomon Razmadze

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