In this collection God Era presents the future, where human beings lose their physical state, and their minds are transcended into the digital world. The future human has no personal, neither egocentric memory, filling up with empathy to the entire world. When the apocalypse happens, people preserve not only their own, but all the Earth’s inhabitants’ memories in the digital ark. In her collection, God Era criticizes today’s fashion industry for its consumerist attitude towards the planet’s resources, putting numerous animal species at risk of extinction and violence. Not only does God Era express her sensibility to ecological problems through the concept of this collection, but she also actively works on creating biodegradable vegan leather. This specific collection features accessories made of this material.

Ph - Luca Pantskhava
Model- Elis Gin, Luka Kaldani, Tata Tavdiashvili, Tina Asatiani
Makeup- Sandro

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