“Cyborg Madona”Concept: In our country there are not many safe places for queer people, but there are some that are associated with queers. These places keep queer people stories, their happy moments or dramas. The story of a queer person that we are going to tell, is kept by city hall building. A little time ago, during Covid19 pandemic, a transgender woman tried to burn herself in-front of the city hall building. Her action was caused by the economical crisis that harmed everyone, the entire society. though particularly transgender women that were not able to work on the panel as a sex worker. In Georgia these people have no chance to find other work, so losing this job was the real tragedy for them. In our work, Madonna is shown like a symbol of every the queer people that fights for their lives. She’s having a certain mutation, caused by the society around her. The cyborg madonna is symbol of power that queer community has. She’s as powerful as tragical.

Colab with CG artist - Rona Peshekhonova  

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